5 Jul 2011

Sweet and sour sugar gliders

Honestly, I didn't know critters like this exist before one lady asked me to make one)
Sugar glider is a small gliding possum. They can be found all throughout the northern and eastern parts of mainland Australia, as well as the surrounding islands of Tasmania, Papua New Guinea, and Indonesia. They live in any forest where there is food supply but are commonly found in forests with eucalyptus trees. They are nocturnal. At night, they hunt for insects and small vertebrates and feed on the sweet sap of certain species of eucalyptus, acacia and gum trees. The sugar glider is named for its preference for nectarous foods and its ability to glide through the air, much like a flying squirrel.
They are so cute, aren't they?
This is my newest creation. This little guy is made of carded wool. his eyes are hematite beads. He measures approx. x 9 cm long, 3,5 cm tall and 7 cm wide.
Needle felted sugar glider pins.

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  1. Love them! We have five in our family. They're fun to have around. :)