11 Oct 2012


well.. it's been a while... :)
I'll be better, I promice!
Halloween is coming...

Halloween is not very popular here in Russia. It is not our original holiday, so most of us do not know much about its traditions. We know about pumpkins and costumes a lot, and it's fun. But wearing costumes is mainly done by students and adults, not the younger ones. A lot of night clubs have some special themed parties on the Day. Trick-or-treats are hardly possible here as people are very suspicious about others.
But being pagan in soul I just couldn't resisr making some decorations ;) 

9 Aug 2011

Hippo journey around the world.

A friend of mine who lives in New York decided to take little blue hippo I made to her trip to Belarus. Well, I can say the Hippo didn't want to leave. Looking so sad... Cheer up! It is only for a month :) And I'm sure you will enjoy the trip
Sending me hugs and kisses from New York Airport.

8 Aug 2011

my website

I have a website done :) Spent the whole night making it.

7 Aug 2011

New Dogs

Just finished making these two chihuahuas.
They appeared to be quite large comparing to all the dogs I make.

Working on the life sized barn owl at the moment. *winks to Karen

31 Jul 2011

more Mamas and babies :)

I cannot stop myself making these sweet couples - mother and her little baby... Giraffe and Dino this time :)
I also want to make whales and seals.


I've been to the local arboretum today, wanted to make my hedgie's photos in his natural habitat :) It is so hot in here, so the leaves start to fall... looks like autumn much

21 Jul 2011


Have you seen anything this sweet?
This little rabbit is so adorable that I want to keep her for myself)