9 Oct 2010


This is my first felted doll. She is about 13 inches tall, made of acrylic fibers. She's found her new home in USA with all care and love of one very nice lady

cute little mice

these little mice are made of wool on a wire armature. They are about 5 inches tall each.
My first mouse was made almost two years ago, it had small piece of cheese in its hands and wore red hat. I just love making mice. They are so cute!
This one is a perfect birthday gift - he even has his own piece of raspberry cake but I'm pretty sure He will accept another one or two with pleasure))
 And this one has just bought new scarf an hat. He won't get cold this autumn!)


My new felt toy. Cheshire cat)
We are all mad here!
 the cat is 6,5 inches tall, 7,5 inches long, made of wool and acrylic fibers.
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