31 May 2011

super tiny and super cute

Teeny weeny needle felted fellows.
Tiny needle felted couple.
Very loving one. Mr Ladybug is approx. 1 inch long ( 2,4 cm) and his tiny lady is less than 2 cm.

  The baby penguin is about 2 cm tall and the adult one is 4 cm
 Two tiny foxes - mom an her baby are sitting under the toadstool
Needle felted.
Stands about 6 cm tall. The baby fox is just 1,5 cm!
 super cute ans super tiny!
Just like his older brothers in my shop but several times smaller) His big eyes will capture your heart)
This little felted guy stands 1 inch only! Made of wool.

 A loving couple of cutest hedgehogs. He has an apple on his back and measures approx. 2,5x4 cm. And the girl is smaller - 2,5x3,5 cm

A couple of tiny foxes sitting on the grass.
Needle felted. Each fox is about 3,5 cm tall, the whole composition is 5,5 cm x 4,5 cm


  1. I just love these!!!!